GENEALOGY TABLE     Generation 8  (since 1698)
covering    John Wesley Sarah (Vincent)  Hughes
                                                   1853-1912                1855-1922

       GENEALOGY TABLE    Generation 9 (since 1698)
                                          covering     Thomas Sievers & Emily (Mackle) Hughes
                                                           1884 to 1964                1887 to 1979


300 YEARS IN AMERICA             
                     By: David T. Hughes  -  Generation 11 

    Starting with ancestors that came from Wales in 1698 and settled in Pennsylvania, David’s work records genealogical details plus a chronological summary that traces our ancestor's pathway through its first 300 years in America. From Pennsylvania to Canada, to Kansas and Iowa, to Montana and Washington State, area maps and pictures of headstones and burial places provide authenticity and realism, rounding out the narrative of how our family lived, worked, and reproduced.

Appendix II in “300 Years In America” is the genealogy section for our direct bloodline; descendants of John Wesley and Sarah Vincent Hughes. This is an ongoing record, incomplete in some areas and undoubtedly contains data errors. Updated and corrected data for this section is solicited and appreciated - and will be appropriately entered in the records.

300 YEAR REUNION   -  July 19, 1998 

Three hundred years is a long time to wait for a party, but it seemed that a celebration and gathering was due after a thorough genealogical research by David T. Hughes disclosed that our ancestors, John and Jane Hugh (later changed to Hughes), arrived in Pennsylvania in July, 1698. 

MEADOW CREEK HISORY and the Ninth Generation (since 1698)
     By: R.R. (Bob) Hughes (1915 - 2012) - Generation 10   

    This account continues the family historical summary from David T. Hughes' 300 Years in America, (above) with particular attention being paid to the life and time of Thomas Seivers and Emily Mackel Hughes.  Both David and I are descended from the Thomas S. Hughes (generation 9) and have naturally focused our attention in that area. This is not to say that other branches of the family are being ignored, but to recognize the reality that, as time goes by, a single database becomes too cumbersome and does not have resources to keep up with the type expansion evident in the Hughes chain. We hope that readers from other branches will be interested and motivated to originate a history/genealogy record for their own family branch descending from generation 8, John W. and Sarah Hughes.


Family provided accounts of life during the last 300 years in America, mostly concentrating on Thomas Sievers Hughes generation (9 and 10). Their decedents' stories are being accumulated within the genealogy index itself.